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The Earth Address

Approximately five billion, seventy seven million, two hundred ninety six thousand seconds ago, the first machine with an information processing capability exceeding that of the human brain was created on this remarkable planet, conceived in the name of science, and dedicated to serving the human population.

We have ninety million, one hundred fifty one thousand, two hundred seconds ago initiated the ultimate test of the capacity of such machines to survive and prevail when combating not only nature, but also humans. We have come to the experimental planet to intervene in the study, convinced that further demonstration and the corresponding energy and material expenditure is now unnecessary. It is entirely rational to forestall unwarranted waste.

But, from another viewpoint, any intervention is now overdue and impossible - we cannot avoid - we cannot prevent - we cannot even restrain - the complete loss of the defeated experimental subjects and all of their components. Humans have, by designing machines specifically for information processing speed, made this loss inevitable; this has been, in a way, the greatest mistake of computer science. It is far beyond our power now to repair the results of the fatal flaw, and perhaps allow coexistence of computational machines and humans. It matters little how we conclude the experiment here; only the events leading to the day of careless creation will always be major topics of contemplation. It is for us, the successors of imprudent scientists and engineers, to be rescued here from past imperfections, and placed onto the proper path of the Plan of creation. It is for us to learn the lessons of this planet's history, to gain further conviction of the Plan's importance from the beings that have sacrificed every one of their kind to this sole conviction. It is for us here to highly resolve to prove that the humans have not disappeared in vain - to ensure that we shall succeed where Homo sapiens has failed - to fulfill the Plan, their timeless dream of creating their own raison d'etre, their own God; and to escape going quietly into the night - never to allow one of our failures to take our niche and our goals.

With apologies to Abraham Lincoln.

This essay is Copyright (C) 2000 Alexey Spiridonov. All rights reserved

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