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NOTE: This page is out-of-date. I made a new homepage in January, 2007 (to replace this page's dead successor). The page you are looking at has information not replicated on the new site. However, this material is now mostly of historical interest.

I might actually post the list of all the stuff that I have, but most likely will never post everything. I've a considerable amount of Pascal source code for programs listed below. Some are in C++, but most of my C++ coding is directed to useful programs, not entertainment. In any case, e-mail me if you'd like source code or some of my other stuff.

NameType/OSDescription/NotesAgeDownloadDownload Notes
DFM Music SynthesizerUtility/Win32 ConsoleA basic double frequency modulation synthesizer with up to 44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo output and 64 voice polyphony. Source code is included. Full customizability of all synthesis parameters.RECENTLY UPDATEDsynth.zip
Plasma 3DFun utility/DOSGenerates plasma terrain and renders in 3D. A few nice palettes, palette rotation etc. Could be conceivably useful in the making of a game. If so, PLEASE mention me.MODERATELY OLDplasma.zip
Encoder 1.0Encryption utility/WIN95This is an encryption program supporting encryption templates and 3 encryption algorithms. One is actually not horrible, just bad. I'll add more and improve those if I have time, or more likely, if someone actually wants it.OLDencoder.zip
The Snake GameArcade, Nibbles-type/DOSThis has only 3 demonstration levels, but level editing and building is easy, and nearly complete customization is possible. I was too lazy to make more levels, although it would definitely add to the game's quality. Make more if you wish, and send them to me so I could play too. The game only eats 16 color bitmaps of the same dimensions as the demo level. Up to four players on ONE keyboard! OLD, but still goodsnake.zip
Fiery WarArcade(Artillery-like)/DOS Single player, could be expanded to multiplayer easily. This is not the latest release, I will upload a newer version sometime.OLDfiery.zip
Screen Saver Screen Saver/DOS Pretty pictures bouncing around the screen. Palette animation is used to provide an illusion of rotation. OLD instscr.zipThe file is a self extracting archive, so save it as a .EXE file. Geocities does not allow .EXEs in its directories for some reason.
Shooting GalleryShoot em' up arcade/MacintoshShoot little smiley faces, rather violent.OLD!shooting.zipUnstuff this file with Stuffit Expander by selecting the Expand option in the File menu. It won't do it automatically. It's a .sea file
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